September 18, 2016


We live in troubled times. There are mass migrations, ecological and finasial crises. The safest place on earth is a small boat on a big ocean.

Hopefully she will be able to carry stores for about 2 years.

I am upgrading Boat Ideal to be able to take a bigger payload and also if possible a young girl willing to learn the ways of the sea becouse in 10 – 20 years from now I might get old.

Primarily measurs will be 840 cm long by 160 cm beam.

A radical, rational man like me should of course base such important question on functionality and utility, but if its possibel to combine with beuty that is very pleasing.

The lenght 84o cm can be factorized into 2X2X2X3X5X7, thats amazing elegance, the number can thus be evenly divided into 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12,15,18,21,24,28,30,35,40,42,56,60,70,84,168,280 and 420 parts.

Below is the layout. Click once or twice to enlarge. Each square is 20 cm.

She is very slim the endships are mostly empty.

Hopefolly she will be rigged and have leeboards and basic functions similar to the experimental boat Ex Lex. I will know better after the test sail.

Regards Yrvind

June 27, 2014


The hull has been modified. The bow has been made a bit more spoonlike to reduce the tendency to broach. Also I am getting a bit cold feet regarding the displacement increasing it to 1000 kilos at full load. The intended centre of gravity is 10 cm abouve the waterline.

Draft is increased to 23 cm

prismatic reduced to 0,69

Waterline is 5.3 meter

Weight to 1 cm immersion 58 kilo

Beam has been increased by 4 cm to 1.2 meter

The other dimension the same that is lenght 5.8 for a 20 feet container.

Here are some pictures.

The stability curve is all positive becouse of the good hight beam ratio.

click once or twice to enlarge.

Thanks to 3D center here in Västervik a 1/40 modell has been made

The modell

Yrvind is thanking the friendly people at 3D center for all help and encouredgment.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

June 15, 2014


I started searching in earnest for the ideal little cruiser in the autumn of 1962. In May the same year I had bought a 15 feet open working boat typical of the province of Blekinge. I had rigged and built a deckhouse on her and moved aboard. I now had a home.
I left Sweden as Captain of my own ship. In one of Copenhagen’s canals I had found a safe place for my boat, and it did not cost anything; yachting was at that time not commercialized. I had discovered a way of life that suited me.
In those days it was an odd thing to live on a small boat, but I had my reasons. Dyslexia had prevented me from getting a formal education and during my compulsory military service it soon became evident that my bosses and me had different ideas about how war should be conducted. I ended up in a maximum-security prison. I was cocky and did not behave. To punish me they added one more day of imprisonment for each day I misbehaved.
- “We will break you”, they told me.
I did not crack and finally they gave up, I was told to sign a paper stating that I was psychopath.
- If you sign this; we will let you out”, they said with a sly smile.
I signed – they let me out. It soon became evident that my certificate of psychopathy was useless. I chose to be Captain of my own ship.
The mass of men has historically traded freedom for economical growth and comfort. I do not agree.
True, our comfort has increased beyond imagination – but so has our enchainment. Mankind’s biggest catastrophe was the agricultural revolution. Then came the industrial revolution. Now we live in the consumer society. Shopping has become an entertainment. We now have comfort but comfort is not happiness. Momentarily it’s agreeable, but in the long run it makes you lazy, fat and bored.
Its much better to spend energy, because the only way to get energy is by spending it and energy makes you happy and healthy – even if the effect is not instant.
Inventions have made mans growth fantastic. The earth had only a few million inhabitants at the beginning of the agricultural revolution. When I was born we were two billion, now we are more than seven billion here on the earth. The more people; the more rules and regulations; thousands of them now restrict our freedom. The earths natural resources cannot feed that many. When I was a child I ate real food; now they feed us synthetics and its not healthy.
The kind Jesus said:
-“Look at the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. They do not worry.” Before the agriculture revolution that was true. We did not worry because we did not have anything to worry about. We did neither sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns. Now even young people worry, and rightly so; they worry about jobs, pensions, environment and the earths future.
A realistic alternative to this boring consumerism is to build a small well-conceived cruiser and head out to sea. There out on the big, blue, wet, deep, endless, living ocean, far from land and bureaucrats there, there is little to worry about; there you can find peace and a life mentally similar to that of our ancestors.
Our genepoole has not changed since then but breeding has selected people that can stand working in mines, factories and offices. The price they pay is an unnatural life stimulated by consumerism, tobacco, alcohol, pornography, violence, gambling, radio, screen watching and other harmful habits. In the process of economical growth thousands of freedom loving people have been killed by alcohol and other means; it has been a brutal history. A few free spirits have found a way to survive this calamity. May bee you are one of them?
When an animal is stimulated dopamine is released. That is pleasant. The problem is with the brain full of dopamine the body reduces the size of the receptors in order to restore homeostasis. Consequently more and more stimulants are needed to get that same pleasant feeling. Mankind with few exceptions is trapped in this over stimulated world; detoxing is slow and painful and calls for willpower and character.
Animals are only bored when caged. If they are let lose, nature stimulates them and their harmony will soon be restored. In the same way nature will stimulate small boats sailors. Out there, away from our societies harsh influences – when enough time has passed – adaption cannot be rushed – our senses becomes more sensitive. We begin to hear our inner voices. Phenomena we previously did not notice emerge as important. In short we, like free animals, becomes harmonic and tranquil just like we were meant to be.
I repeat, this is one alternative to a stressful city life. Go build a small, simple, well-conceived boat and sail the oceans. Leave entertainments and communications behind and you are soon ten thousands years back in time and can like the stone age people live a hard but harmonic life.
That’s exactly what I decided to do there in Copenhagen in the fatal autumn of 1962? The we were on the brink of a nuclear disaster. The world held its breath. The Cuban missile crises were in full swing. I had lost my trust in grown ups that told me to go out to fight wars or waste away my life in a factory. I realized that my boat was good enough for coastal sailing if I watched the weather, but for full fury of the open ocean she was lacking in seaworthiness. I started my search for the ideal little cruiser.
-“If you have a problem; go to a library”, my knowledgeable friend – the killer, the dangerous man in the cell next to mine had told me. And the books, he said,
-“The world’s wisest men have written them.” Copenhagen was full av libraries. Since then I have been reading books, I have been building small good functional boats and I have been sailing the worlds oceans and I have made much progress in the search for knowledge, but due to the complexity of the problem I am still in search of the ideal little cruiser. The search continues…

Below is a picture of me and the boat I lived in 1962.

Below next boat:

Click twice on the pictures to enlarge.

June 12, 2014


The present boat is made to set a world record. It will never be a good cruising boat. Let this be warning.This section is is about the Holy Grail of cruising boat design, how to find the perfect boat. If someone likes to have inspiration for a small cheap functional boat I hope to give it here.

Building and cruising the present boat I am always thinking of the next. Mistakes that have been done will be noted and remembered to the future boat. This is how my designs have evolved during more than fifty years. Below is a picture of me and my first crusing boat. I left Sweden in her 1962. She was 15 feet long.

Below is an other boat of mine I sailed from Ireland to Martinique in 2011.

Of course ambitions and values have changed over the years. I am not young and strong anymore nor is speed and women as desirible as it once was. New ideas comes up almost dayly and the design changes whith that. Here we go.

The above boat has an displacement of 900 kilos. She is five beams long and has an prismatic coefficient of 0.722 using the principle of a bettering ram – small frontal area and lots of drive. She is 5.8 meter long 1.16 meter beam 0.2 meter draft waterline lenght 5.34 meter. Wetted surface of the hull is 7.3 s.m. Displacement lenght ratio 165. 58 kilos will sink her 1 cm. Her chines have an angle of 90 degrees.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

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