July 14, 2008


The story of these boats can be found in “MY LIFE TEXTS”

This is the fishing boat I bought in 1960, hoping to have her as a permanent home. She was sorry to say rotten beyond repair.

This is the Baltic trader I and my brother in law bought, she was even more rotten. We added the superstructure above the cargo room, which can be seen on the picture, to get more space.

This is the boat that sank.

Here I am reading about my own rescue, the headlines in the background.

Not having had enough, the next year may be 1966, I built this experimental proa. She did not sink but capsized. Lessen learnt at great cost. Later boats were more succesful.

July 8, 2008


Here are some pictures from my early life.

My grandfather and father went to see as young men, grandfather at the age of thirteen. They rounded Cape Horn many times in square riggers. Here is one of the ships my grandfather sailed.

As a young man I never had my own boat, but this rowing boat I borrowed daily from a neighbor. With it I went shopping to Styrsö, the nearest island, helping out a bit.

Here I am with my sister on our neighbors powerboat.

I learned, the hard way, to scull.

My mother owned a kayak which she let me use, but it was a bit big for me.

I always dreamed of my own boat. I did build plenty of rafts. Here I am on one of the more sucesful ones, giving my sister a short ride before it capsized.

This wreck floated ashore one day giving me hope of my own boat, but alas she was to far gone for me to fix her up.

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