September 21, 2010


1967 I converted Anna from an open rowboat to a decked cruiser and cruised Denmark and Western Sweden. In January Martine a french girl became my girlfriend. In April we and her friend Eleonore cruised in Anna. Martine came with me to Kiel in Germany but then i May she left me for the barricades in Paris. I continued to England in her.

Anna in winter storage in our place at the island of BrÀnnö.

Martine and Eleonore raising the sails.

In Varberg waiting out the weather.

Me in Anna.

Martine in Anna


Anna in Holtenou Kiel May 1968 where sadly Martine left me for the revolution in Paris.

Anna in Haldener Kanal, a wonderful early extremely hot summer day. I had a refreshing swim.

September 15, 2010

Amfibie Bris part two

Yrvind introduce Amfibie Bris, a 15 foot long microcrusier. In these clips Yrvind use the “contraption” that make the boat moveable on land.

September 10, 2010

Amfibie Bris

Yrvind introduce Amfibie Bris, a 15 foot long microcrusier

More clips coming soon …

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