September 25, 2008


Thanks to Gunnar BĂ€ckstrand of HGB BACKSTRAND AB I now have an excellent mattress which will protect me from the cold Cape Horn waters. It is 6 cm thick made of closed cells which means that it cannot get wet. Whith 6 cm mattress and 4 cm divinycell foam in the hull I will have a total of 10 cm or 4 inches insulation. If I then also can get hold of some old blankets in Argentina I will be worm and snug in my boat.

The picture below shows me cutting the mattress material to size.

The picture below shows the mattress in the bunk. The size of my bunk is length 191 cm, wide at feet 40 cm, wide at head 68 cm. It is a bunk impossible to fall out of. Very secure.

September 15, 2008


Now all the lead weights are cowered with kevlar for wear resistance and to prevent myself by being killed by lead poisoning. The front end have gotten a teflon patch to slide more easily into the lead chambers. The stainless steel handles are in the back.Without them it would be very difficult to handle the weights in heavy weather.

Below is a picture with all the weights secured in the extreme aft position. Their intended position when im running down wind in heavy seas, to give the boat directional stability and to increase her mass moment of inertia to help prevent pitchpooling.

September 6, 2008


I did not consider my self competent to do high quality lead castings with no porosity or hollows. After much searching I found Bo in the village of BlomstermĂ„la (its name means “the painted flower”) Here Bo is outside his foundry.

After having put the model in sand the inlet and a substantial raiser is added.

More sand is poured

The sand is compacted.

The lead is poured.

Here is my weight with inlet and raiser which are sawn off with a bandsaw.

The pieces with its stainless steel handle weigh 14 kilos or a bit more than 30 pounds each. In the boat there is place for six making 84 kilos, the weight of a big man. I always make a few extra. I have six spare ones to select the best and in case I make a mistake. Below is some of them.

Below the final product swept in kevlar for wear and with its handle.

Thank Bo and the personal at BlomstermÄla foundry for a well done job.

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