August 25, 2009

Publishing problems

By Beppe Backlund Webmaster is powered by the well known blog hosting service Blogger, owned by Google. Each part of the site are one separate blog. When Sven is publishing posts, he log into Blogger and make his writing with the tools provided by Blogger. Blogger then transfer the results (via FTP) to located at an webhosting service in Sweden. From day one of this websites life and until the beginning of august ( over a year) this arrangement worked just fine. Now everything is a mess. Sven is unable to properly upload images and publish posts. This situation is frustrating since Sven have a lot of work done on his boat and he want to be able to inform all of you out there.

It’s also frustrating for me as a webmaster. Because i can’t do anything about it. Just sit and wait and hope the people at Google fix the problem. One good thing is – we are not alone. There are many people round the world experience the same problems. Please feel free and click this link leading to The Blogger Help Forum Make your voice heard and write some lines and tell them you have been waiting so long to read more about Sven and his interesting boat project.

August 23, 2009


If at once it does not work try again. The blogger gives trouble, when I am inserting pictures. However by repeating the insert many times finally they are accepted, so here are some pictures of resent work in the aft part of the boat.

Below is the seat and half a waterproof bulkhead which serves as backrest. Behind it and and below the aft deck is the chart stowage.

The chart drawer.

Below it on each side is my water stowage. It is a close fit, but it works thanks to the elasticity of the polyethylene canisters.

Here they are in place. At sea they are tied down with ropes.

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