November 16, 2009


Thanks to the ingenuity of Beppe my web master my blogg now seems to work. Apparently there are a thing called html which somehow showed itself instead of the picture.

The above is the sides of my centerboard case the inside surfaces difficult to reach on the finished boat i have therefore sprinkled them with copper powder to make them antifouling. As copperpowder solves not well i epoxy i have put peelply on top. After tearing it away one gets a nice smooth surface. It is also good for the underwater part of the hull.
Greatings from Yrvind back in business.

November 13, 2009


This is line tensioner is for the jib. I have redesigned the rig. There is no longer a forespar nor a stay for the jib to be hankt on to instead its leading edge is made of spectra or dynema and tensioned. Hence the winch.
It gives a very big force fore its size and weight and need no servicing
An other great advantage is because the standing part is made of carbon it can be laminated to the deck spreading out the load on the sandwich construction

Unfortunately the software to this blog still does not work. This has been written blindly. When it works properly I will write more.

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