March 10, 2010


The picture shows the first parts of the electrical system. One charger CHAMP III 12v/7A from PRIMEPOWER It is very compact and waterproof, ideal for a little boat.

There is also six 17 amp hours Exide Sonnenschein gel batteries. Gel batteries have a better cycle life, they can be cycled deeper and more times than Agm batteries. Agm batteries can are better for starting engines but on board there is no engine.

More about gel batteries

March 5, 2010


Forward of the forward bulkhead I have now installed a pump, manual of course. I do not expect a leak there, but when for example I am beating into the south east trades at the equator it can for a Swede be uncomfortable hot with hatches closed. Now I can keep the forward hatch open and now and then at ease pump out any spray water.

At the bottom of the fore hatch is a 16 mm stainless pipe in form of a triangle. To it I can tie down anchors and other stuff to keep them in their place. This is important.

To prevent water enter the back way I use a valve. Most marine hardware comes in King Size therefore I remade the handle to a smaller one. Also before the valve only closed one way, the wrong way to the left, now I can close it to the right.

Below the original handle and the new one.

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