February 27, 2012


The beams on wich I put the moulds. The have to be level in all directions and equally spaced.

Here the foreward moulds are upp. The spacing is 60 cm. There are extra half moulds at the ends at 30 cm spacing. I now realise that the curvature has so small radius that I have to insert even more moulds at the ends at 15 cm spacing.

But first two weeks at the Stockholm boatshow, leaving wendsday morning. Come and have alook.

Regards Yrvind.

February 21, 2012


The full scale moulds are now done, all eight of them.

Marking the lines on the particle board prior to cutting them  with the jigsaw.

The four aft ones to the left, the four foreward ones to the right. For a ten foot boat I made her as big as I judge is consistent whith seaworthiness. I plan to spend one year non-stop in her.

Besides that I prepare myself and the previus boat for the Stockholm boatshow which opens next week.

There is plenty of snow here, the boat is at the moment inaccessible but milder weather and rain is announced. I hope for the best, that the snow will mealt away.

At the boat show I will show the previus boat give lectures and anser questions about the coming trip around in ten. I will sell my books and give out leaflests motivating the commitment, welcome.

Regards Yrvind

February 13, 2012

Yrvind in three magazines

Three magazines have recently highlighted Yrvind and his boat.

The french yachting magazine Voiliers have an article about Yrvind and they have also made an interview with him. Take a look at the link below and you can see the interview in a video.


The swedish yachting magazine Segling have an three pages long article about his journey from Irland to Martinique. Only in the paper magazine.

The swedish magazine Outside. Only in the paper magazine. But you can see older articles they made with him on their website. Take a look here!

February 6, 2012


I will give four illustrated lectures at the Stockholm Boat Show and Vildmarksmässan, combined ticket.  They lectures are all free for visitors.

Times are as follows

Sunday 4 March 15 00 (Båtmässan)

Thursday 8 March 18 00 (Båtmässan)

Friday 9 March 15 00 (Vildmarksmässan)

Sunday 11 March 16 00 (Vildmarksmässan)

Every one is wellcome. Bring a smile and a cheer.¬† There will be time for questions. I will show my 1/8 modell Yrvind Ten. The boat 4,8 meter, will be exhibited in Hall A. I will sell my books Bris 100:- and Konstrukt√∂ren 300 :- for anyone interested. Leaflets about my nest project “Around in Ten” will be distributed free.

With respect and friendship, Djuphavskapten Yrvind.

February 4, 2012


The bottom panels comes on.

Also I will give four slide shows at the Stockholm fair in the beginning of March. Two at Allt för Sjön and two at Vildmarksmässan.

February 2, 2012


Here are the frames the profile and the deckcountour glued together,ready to take the skin. 8 cubed is 512 therefore the scale weight is the real boats dispalecement 1500 kilo divided by 512 or 2,9 kilos or 6.45 pounds. The models lenght is 37.5 centimeter.

More news is that I will exhibit the boat the 4.8 meter boat which in 2011 I sailed to Martinique via Maderia at the Stockholm boatshow. Stand A04:25 beginning of March.

February 1, 2012

Yrvind shows the length overall of his new boat.

Yrvind shows his boat to the Swedish Atlantic Rower Niclas Mårdfelt. The boat is used as measurement to show  the size of Yrvinds next boat. A boat that will be used to circumnavigate the world non-stop. The boat is smaller than 10 feet. The film at the top of present project shows a prototype of the project Yrvind Ten. Another film showing this scale model can be seen here: scale model in 1:20. The model is tested in weather conditions that in the right scale would be equal to hurricane winds.

If you are interested to hire Yrvind as a speaker you can reserve him on line at Sveriges Talare. If you are curious you can se a movie trailer when he gives lectures. Take a look under the link “lecture” above!

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