May 28, 2013


I am now sandpapering the  stow hatches below the bed. In a few places there is a inside radius. For that I have winded sandpaper around a stick. I use tejp with adhesive on both sides. Winding it 45degrees to the axis. To calculate the with of the sandpaper strip I came upp with the following formula

pi times diameter divided by the square root of two

The diameter of my stick is 15 mm hence the with of the strip 33 mm

The lenght of the strip is lenght of strip times the square root of two

A composite boatbulder often do windings to create or reinforce spars or cover with leather for example so it has general

Below a pictureof me using sthe sandpaper stick

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind

May 23, 2013


Below are some pictures of the work on the stowage hatches below the bed.

Work has not been fast. A film team from Hollywood has been here and entertained me with doing a video with me running in Reebok shoes. It was fun and hopefully it will get a nice price. They have now left and I am therefore still working on the hatches below the bed.

I have also been in Holland to fetch Janneke to help with the work. She is now  back in Holland.

Below Janneke laminating a L-profile to rest one end of the hatches on.

Click once or twice on the pictures to enlarge.

Two aluminium L-profiles are being used as moulds. Lead weights gives a bit of pressure.

The twelve compartments

The first hatches in place

The cleat locking system works well, but maybe the holes for the rope is a bit big.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

May 12, 2013


Today I have, with the help of Janneke, fastened the cleats for the storage hatches under the bed with pipe rivets.

I have converted a c-clamp into a rivet tool. After that I used the traditional hammer and a counterweight.

Below are some pictures. Click once or twice to enlarge.

The tool and the rivets made from cupper piping by Janneke.

I am mixing NM-epoxy on my precision scale to 1/10 of a grams accuracy.

Applying the filler.

The tool in action



One of the cleats in place

Janneke contemplating

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