September 25, 2013


I am now working on the foreward part of the boat. Here is a mock up of the hatch and locking system that divides the boat into a wet and a dry compartment. The sleeping room is in the dry part. I belive that if you can keep yourself warm and dry you be fine in any weather.

The reason the wingscrews only have one wing is to put their center of gravity excentric. This will prevent vibrations to unscrew them when they not under pressure.

The hatch slides up and down. That mowement is guided by a labyrinth. The hatch can also mowe unrestrained towards and away from a deep gasket of 2×3 centimeter section. Turning four M10 screws will compresse it agoainst the gasket and the passage will be waterproof. This is handy in a storm when the boat is likely to capsize. That kind of conditions do not occur all the time. Therefore it is enough to close the hatch with wood pieces once it is in position. Then it gets into the labyrinth and can not fall down. This is quickly done and make it spray proof. Good enough for beating against a freash breeze with the main deck hatch open.

The above may not be totally clear due to my incomplete command of the english language. The belove pictures may help to elucidate. Click once or twice to enlarge.

Abouve the hatch

Above the two stage locking system. Fisrst I turn the wood piece then if needed for mor pressure I turn the screw.

Abowe a sketch.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind

September 18, 2013


Michael from Austria is here as a volunteer helping me with my project. He phoned one evening and now he sits here smiling.
The centerboard case are in place and we are doing the mock up of the forward part of the boat. We both agree that the seats are comfortable and that I will get a lot of stowage.

Something else. A light bulb

I am still grappling with the question of how to get electricity during the winter in the southern ocean. I did not really understand the mechanical energy equivalent so I was planning to use a cranking device. Maybe my ignorance was due to the fact that I never had actually seen electricity. True I many times have seen high voltage discharge but that is not electricity.
750 watts of electricity is equivalent to one horsepower one horsepower. One horsepower is to lift 75 kilos every second one meter against gravity. A 75 watts light bulb is consuming one tenth of a horsepower. I being soon 75 years old and have lost half of my muscle mass will be happy if I can produce one twenty of a horsepower for a little time.
Outside my kitchen window across the street there is a 75 watt bulb wastfully burning day and night. I only eat two times a day but I take my time so I have had plenty of time to reflect on that bulb. During summer I do not notice the light because the friendly sun is shining most of the day. I have been living here in VĂ€stervik since 2005. That is about 8 years every year has 31536000 seconds. This means that the mechanical equivalent of keeping that bulb burning that time is equal to hauling 28 cars from sea level to the top of Mount Everest. When I was a child I was told to switch of the light when leaving the room.
Thinking of the light bulb across the street have made me considering towing a turbine to charge my batteries. Using a wind turbine is not practical due to the many times I will be capsized and the danger of being hit by the fast rotating propeller.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

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