August 29, 2015


When doing the hardware for attaching the anchors the following qualitys where desired.

1. The should be well secured in any weather.

2. When I was going to use the small anchor I did not want to undo the big 15 kilo anshor to reach it.

3. The storage should take as little place as possible and be “friendly”, that is sharp edges should not unnessesarrily hurt me.

4. The anchors center of gravity should be as low as possible and its gyr radius as small as possible.

The following pictures shows how I solved the problem.

The hardware is secured with 47 screws. Each screw is good for about one hundred kilo. The anchors weigh 15 and 6 kilos.

First, the shank of the 15 kilo anchor is secured.

Second. The Shank of the 6 kilo anchor is secured.

Third. The heavy head of the 15 kilo SPADE anchor is secured.

Finally the head of the 6 kilo anchor is secured.

I can remove the shaft and head of the 6 kilo anchor while the 15 kilo is secured.

Information for the landlubber: When at sea, seagoing lashings will be used.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

August 23, 2015


The frames of the hatches are now in place.

Here with glassfibre added.

This is the more complicated way of doing it. It would have been more simple not to divide the lid into pices and sink it in. The advantage of this way is that I can be pretty sure of having no leaks between the individual hatches. This way I have five different flotation chambers, about 135 liters. For peace of mind I do everything as safe as I can. It will be a long stormy voyage and then its nice to be able to relax and not worry.

Time spent on details is only temporarily.

To be continued…

Regardds Yrvind

August 17, 2015


For some time I have been ockupied buildning waterproof hatches for the aft cabin.

Belov are some pictures of my efforts. Click on the pictures once or twice to enlarge.

First: The five frames in position.

The edges of Tufnol, that goes into the gasket are glued into place.

The nuts are set in MN-epoxy and glassfibre choppings. The frames are now uppside down. One nut is laying on top to show the size. The thread is M8. The material is aluminum bronze 22 mm across to give good surface.

A close up.

Here is Rikard and his beutifull Weiler lathe that is bigger than mine Blomquist helping me making the nuts.

Centering the hatch on the frame with the help of spacers before marking the holes for the bolts.

A pointed screw is inserted to mark the hole in the hatch. The clamp gives a more precise mark than a hammerblow.

Two M8 bolts gives pressure.

The hatches. The gakets made of EPDM-rubber is set between plywood strips. This eliminates difficult gluing and makes it possible to change gaskets at sea. The gasket dimensions are 20×15 mm

Testing the essembled hatch/frame upside down shows its waterproof. The first one was good. A little piece of wood is floating on the water, trying to indicate the water level.

So was the rest. Clear water is difficult to sea, but trust me.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

August 11, 2015


Laboratory manager Jonny Augustsson at Epoxy company Nils Malmgren has now tested an other fastening for my anchor attachment. Below is a link to a video

Abowe is a few pictures. Maximum load about 270 kilos. This will be ample for my needs. The total weight of the two anchors is 21 kilos. Exactly how many fastenings I will use I have not yet decided as at the moment I am working on the hatches in the back end of the boat but a guess is that there will be more than 4 as I like the 15 kilo big anchor to be attached when I use the small 6 kilo.

A big thanks to Jonny and Nils Malmgren.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind

August 5, 2015


On friday I drove to the Swedish west coast.

First stop was in Göteborg where Henric from Teufelberger was happy to donate some ropes to project Ex Lex. Picture below.

After that it was Tony at Navimo in HenÄn who was happy to outfit Viktor and Dan two of my adepts with anchors chain liferaft inflateble and more for a long voyage in an rebuilt Vega. Dan to the left Tony to the right.

2007 I had sailed to Florida with Thomas an other adept. Now he had found himself a beautifull bride. It was a party of three days. Friday was only for yong people, persons below 30 years of age. An exception was made for me being 76 years of age.

Here we are geting ice to cool the drinks.

The bottles being cooled. I never touch alchohol in any form. Maybe thats why I was let in on the friday party.

The ceremony.

Me with the newly married, hat and jacket is against the sun.

Sunday afternoon I drove back to VĂ€stervik. With me I had a good supply of NM-epoxy from the Nils Malmgren factory in Ytterby.

Now I am back in production.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

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