July 29, 2016


Here is a mock up of the idea of the rudder control.

Ex Lex has twin rudders. The reason is mainly for ease of making the boat stear itself downwind but also for using as a drouge when having them in V-position each one angled 20 degrees out.

I hope to be able to stear from any position. a stearing line will run the inside perimeter of the boat. In addition there will be control lines fron the two hatches to V-position the rudders for breaking (car owners think Ackerman).

To achive this the tillers have connecting bar, but are not directly conneected to the bar but to trawellers sitting on the bar.

Normal stearing is done with the trawellers in zero angle position. When I like to brake the trawellers are adjusted towards the center and thuse the rudders are angled out. The lines controlling the trawellers are run to the rudder accis that they may not be affected by stearing.

This is a first try so I can only hope that it will work.

Some hardware is on its way.

Above: The tillers parrallell for normal stearing.

Above: The tillers in breaking V-position.

Above: The mock up tiller head on the mock up traweller.

Abowe: The mock up stering lines moving the connecting bar.

Of course for those with a well lined wallet it can all be done more complicated using electronically controlled electricity.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind

July 16, 2016


Lenghtening the boat has giving me more storage space. The new hatches can only be reached from the outside. I will only transfere goods in fine weather but it is important that they are waterproof.

The picture below shows how they are tested upside down before being installed. Ping pong balls are floating in the water.

Click once or twice to enlarge

Also I have now shaped the 4 fins, 2 rudders and 2 leeboards. They are the same shape and size as to replace each other in the unlikely case of breaking. The tipp part is laminated of five 10 mm plywood laysers.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind

July 14, 2016


I have two visitors. Falcon a yachtsman. He spent his first week in a hospital. Then he spent a week in a flat, then one month old he crossed his first ocean. He continued to live 18 years in the boat sailing the eternal endless sea. Now he is here to give me a hand.
Miki is also here. He is from Austria. He helping to modelling my boat in Rhino, like he did with Yrvind Ten.
I took the opportunity to ask my visitors to give me a hand in weighing Ex Lex.
We put everything ready into her, masts, spars, leboards, rudders, hatches ecetera. It came out to 415 kilo. Everything is strongly made and it has been a while scince I weighted her, so it was a releif.
Miki did a calculation in Rhino of the displacement and found that she will float nicely at 32 cm draft loaded to 1100 kilos.
That will take care of the weight problem I think.
Below some pictures, Falcon in the photo

To weigh the boat I hang here in two ropes and add the forces. The picture below show the wheight of the back rope.

This little calculation shows the wheight estimate.

Boat at present 415 kilo

Betteries 75 kilos

150 more kilos to finsh boat

Food 250 kilo

Water 100 kilo

Miscellaneous 100 kilo

Total 1100 kilo

I reserve the right to make miscalculations.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind

July 4, 2016

The Hiking Board

The fifth film from Cecilia and Kvarteret Filmproduktion.

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