September 28, 2017

Yrvind on Swedish TV, he talks and moves his boat with the oar, sculling.

Read what people says about Yrvind on social media. What has been written can be described as a love bombing. (In swedish) Livet ombord

September 12, 2017


After two and a half weeks in Stockholm I and Exlex are now back at my workshop for the final preparations.
Some alternations will be done – more about that later – but mostly I will be occupied with filling every cubic inch of Exlex with food.
A big thanks to Göta segelsÀllskap for the hospitality and to all the friendly people in Stockholm and elsevere that is supporting my project.
The future looks bright, but there will be hard work ahead.
Below are 3 pictures.

The picture above shows Exlex two masts her sculling oar two booms two yards and two sails and two big fenders in the back of my Wolksvagen Golf.

Abouve a rainy VĂ€strervik

Abouve: I am getting help to unload Exlex.

The trip has been a succes.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind

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