I kind of lost time but I think I have been here in Porto Santo Madeira about 2 and 1/2 week not really knowing what to do mainly due to Corona.

Yesterday I was bold and bought a ticket to Sweden for 26 of November a friend will pick me up at Arlanda Stockholm and drive me to my flat in Västervik where I will start the new boat. I hope that I do not catch the desise.

Exlex will have to wait here patiently to spring when I will return to do sail in hopefully the Sargasso Sea.

I still have the offset of Bris the boat I started to build Midsummers eve, Friday 25 of June, 1971 nearly 50 years ago. It was a good boat 6 meter long 1.72 beam height 1.2 meter.


Next boat Exlex Rex will be 8.4 meter long, beam 1.22, height 1.1 meter


The ratio is =0.91

That is Exlex will be about 9% smaller than Bris.

Also comparing her to Exlex, hopefully she will not be much more heavy due to being pointed in boat ends and been giving rounded bilges.

Exlex in Porto Santo marina. Hopefully she will patiently wait for me until spring 2021
Exlex in Porto Santo Marina To my surprise one day as I was eating my musli I saw that the tiller was on the lee side. She had lee helm. The designer had not done his work properly. The builder had to correct it. Now the fore mast is mowed about 1.7 meter back. This will interfere with the daggerboard as can be seen, click on the picture to enlarge. Luckily the balanced lug sail has no gooseneck so by taking a reef the boom kan be moved up and go klear.

Yrvind thanks all the kind persons that have been donating making my trip possible

Regards Yrvind