Exlex Long 5.76 meter, 18’ 11’  beam 1.04 meter.

The porpoise was to have a small experimental craft for day sailing to test my ideas of rigs and other things I had come up with.

She was shorter before 4.45 meter, but as ambitions grow so did the boat.

Creating a new type of boat is much like other creative work, like writing for example. Nowadays writing always looks neat, because computers make it so easy to rewrite, but look at a page of Dostoyevsky’s manuscript’s.

Dostoyevsky’s manuscript’s

When I like to change something deep down in the construction I have to improvise and things does not become as good as if I had the right idea from the beginning. Hundreds nonfunctional vestigiality’s makes the construction heavy and clumsy just like evolution has made the human body. It would be much better to start from new on a blank slate but that is of course not possible. We have to live with what we have and I like to go sailing. During the voyage I will design a better boat.

Having said this I still think Exlex is able to complete the planned voyage.

The hull ready to laminate.
Friends helping me
Plenty of space before filling her up. Now it’s a different thing. Next boat I give a bit more beam
The plan is to be ready to start sailing from Dingle 1 of June 2018
Yrvind sculling in Pålsundet, Stockholm
Yrvind sailing on Riddarfjärden, Stockholm

Yrvind talk about  Exlexs sails



Translation from French – Its only the imbecile that never change their minds