Duga 1968 –70

DUGA A WRECK. 1968 – 1970, Long 12 meter, 39’ 6’’ Beam 3 meter

When as a young man I started with boats. The idea was to find a hull or boat that I could convert to suit my needs. To start with a white paper and draw a boat on it and proceed to build the boat, I did not have the courage or knowledge, but I read kept my eyes open and asked questions and finally I had the knowledge and courage.



1968 I had sailed to England from Sweden in a 14 feet boat. In almost every port I put down my anchor people told me that I would get happier in a bigger boat. People belive that the more you own the happier you are.
In November back in Sweden I thought I do like old Slocum, buy an old wreck and fix her up. (see more detailed text under biographical notes. You have to scroll down a bit).


The previus owner had taken these pictures in the summer.
They were included in the deal.
Now however it was winter and freezing cold.
When the deck was on we thought we had done real progress. Inside it was warmer too.
Here are the two companions who told every visitor that to the summer they be sailing the tropics.
To every ones surprise the boat was in the water in June.
In August we test sailed her for a few days. Then hurried south to wormer latitudes.
Here in October she is making good speed across the bay of Biscay.
In the Canary Islands my freind jumped ship. Luckily I soon found anouther mate.
She steered for me.

She cooked for me.
She was a good mate, but the bigger boat did not make me happier.