Hi friends.

I am now fairing the Divinycell H 80 70 mm thick core in preparation for the outside laminate that is going to be 45°X45° 450 gram three layers on the sides and more in the bottom to take grounding forces.

Below is a video more on my Youtube channel.

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To be continued…

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Today I was surprised.

I saw a biographical video about myself on Youtube. It was well made. Only misinformation I found was that I was in Japan much earlier. 1997 is the correct date.

Usually there is all kind of wrongs. I hope you can help to spread the video. The creator deservs it.

Regards Yrvind



Hi friends.

Now all the molds are up and the stem and stern.

The new Exlex the canoe yawl will come out I think 6.4 meter long and 1.4 meter beam depending on the thickness of the Divinycell.

To my eye she looks sweet. Her hull remains me about Bris a boat I cruised many days in 1972 to 1976 and later 1982 and 1983. Bris was 6 meter long 1.72 beam. Also a double ender. I built her in my mother basement.

Exlex is 4.57 beam long, Bris was 3.49 beams long. Exlex is more slender, she is also a bit smaller 6X1.72 is 10.32 veras 6.4X1.4 is 8.96. Lenght is not a good measure of  size in boats.

Below are a few pictures of Bris.

!972 I started from Göteborg sailed to Holland. Trailed her back to Sweden to fix things. Spring 1973 left Sweden to Norway north of Scotland to Madeira down to Rio Argentina tried to round Cape Horn she was capsized and pitchpoled sailed east to Tristan da Cuhna styed there for 4 months then St Helena Martinique Newport Marthas Vineyard Acores Sweden
Bris being built in my mothers basement. Start midsummers eve 1971.
1975-1976 worked with Dick Newick on trimarans on Marthas Vineyard. A toster and 110 volt kept me warm during winter
1983 becalmed in ghe Saragasso sea on my way to the Museum of Yachting I did see all the Am Cup races when US lost the Cup to Australia
I clamped a spline a batten to the molds to sea if the were fair. It was very good. I like the shape. In my oppinion she will be a happy boat. I got that feeling.

Below from my youtube channel (subscribe)

To be continued…

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Midday yesterday Yrvind reached Baltimore. Passing the Fastnet Rock and as he was heading into Baltimore he met a friendly whale watcher in a RIB. The whale watcher gave Yrvind a tow in to the harbor and even invited him to a nice dinner. All is well and soon you will receive an update from Yrvind himself.

Captain Thomas Grahn

Ireland and Kinsale

Yrvind is approaching Ireland where he aims to make landfall next week. Unfortunately, there is a storm coming around this time. As of now the forecast predicts heavy winds, up to 50 knots blowing from the west.

At the same time he approaches the continental cliff outside the bay of Biscay. This is a point where the depth dramatically decreases and the waves can be troublesome, especially when there is heavy winds.  

Whales and storms

I have received word from Yrvind and all is well on the Atlantic ocean and the morale is high!

He has now passed half the halfway mark to Ireland and have had some visitors. A school of pilot whales accompanied Yrvind during the afternoon. Apparently, they liked Exlex because they were rubbing the hull gently as if they where hugging the hull. Even if Yrvind likes the loneliness of the ocean the short visit was much appreciated.

What is not appreciated is that the approach to Ireland will happen about the same time as the Fastnet Race will take place. Apart from that it is an ocean race with many participants it is infamous for the big storm that fell up on it in 1979. That year 19 people lost their lives during the race. Yrvind will navigate these waters at the same time, even if his yacht is well prepared for harsh conditions a collision with one of the many yachts can be devastating.

Sam Holmes (Sam Holmes Sailing) whom Yrvind met in Horta has posted a video of their encounter, enjoy the video below:

Captain Thomas Grahn

Up and away

I talked to Yrvind as he was sitting on a small mountain in Horta yesterday. After talking about philosophy and the ocean he suddenly stopped. “Captain Grahn, the winds are fair for a trip to Kinsaile, Ireland from here now, aren’t they?”, Yrvind said. I took a quick look at the weather report and confirmed his gut feeling. 2 hours later he and Exlex were on their way to Ireland. Follow him in the tracker here on the webpage.


Captain Thomas Grahn

Video lessons and baptism of an Island

Yrvind is staying busy in Horta and is now learning to make videos from a real pro, Sam Holmes, who is also out exploring the Atlantic Ocean.

In the recent days Yrvind have received the news that an island in the Southern Ocean have had the honor to bear his name. Yrvind is of course flattered, honored and excited for this news.

Captain Thomas Grahn


Yrvind is now in Horta and have got him self a really nice spot in the port. But the way into the port was all but easy. He was suprised by the heavy winds coming down from the mountain and almost hit the rocks. See the tracks of Exlex below and also the video where he describes what went down and what could have happend.

Captain Thomas Grahn