Yrvind.com 2008-11

Yrvind.com 2008-2011, 4.8 meter, 15’ 8’’ Beam 1.3 meter

Yrvind.com, not a really good name but rational at the time as the idea was that as my AIS send out the boats name people could find my website.

The idea was a chinerunner Matt Laydens brilliant idea. The plan was to sail her around Cape Horn and on to Japan.

There where many things on her I did not get right, strangely the biggest problem was that she had too much stability, she did not heel enough. That gave her lee helm and the chinerunners did not dig in enough.

Also as often is the case I made her to heavy and complicated. I also kept worrying about her broaching to. It has not happen to Matt it did not happen to me either but I kept worrying.

She had good points. She was very course stable, did not require a wind vane.

This film shows when Yrvind.com is sailing in Stockholm Archipelago. Yrvind stops at Sandhamn, a center for  sailing in Stockholm, where he showed off his boat for an interested audience.
The video takes five minutes of your time and can be watched in 720 p HD quality.

To read more about the working progress of the project – See OLD POSTS to the right –  between May 2008 to December 2011.

There was not much walking space on Yrvind.com’s deck, but it was OK.
Yrvind.com had lee helm for that reason I added a mizzenmast, she became a hybrid ketch/yawl as the mast was neither forward nor aft the rudder post but a bit to the starboard of it. The boat had no tiller. She was steered with ropes. It worked very well. The cones, one on each side of the rudder, acting like an yoke, was the attachment points for the steering ropes. Coastwise sailing the sculling oar was in ready position.
Hoisting the spritsail For ease of handling the sprit had a topping lift. The peak had its own halyard. That way I could divide the labor so that not everything happened at the same time, a good thing for a lone old man. It worked just fine.
The fitting for the sculling oar could be locked into place. That way I could put her into reverse as shown below.

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