I started this boat 6.27 X 1.4 meter 21 of August 2021.
The intended use was a sail to Dunedin NZ.
Plans have changed one reason is that Australia told me that I could not stop in Albany south west Australia to reprovision unless I phoned Canberra. The reason for the phone call was that they said that there was no email in Canberra. I do not like when people are dishonest with me.
An other and more important reason is Putins war.
The plan is now for Valdivia in southern Chile.
Valdivia hopefully will provide me with food less processed than what I eat here.
via stopping in Azores, Falkland Islands.
The change of destination and route have made me make a major change the design.
I have decided to have twin keels instead of moving ballast.
I have also changed the bulkhead hatches from solid ones to canvas.
I found that the bow centerboard took to much place and eliminated it, then I changed my mind again and made one slightly smaller.
I planned a stern hawsepipe for a drogue but changed that for a drum winch that can be taken below when not in use.
Sail area have increased from 4 square meter on the previous boat to 12 square meter on three free standing mast two of them side by side.
One important reason for the side by side mast is that the holders will be out of the way of the accommodation. An other reason is that when sailing down wind the boat will be very course stable as was the 2018 Exlex that had a similar rig.