Bris boats

My series of boats with the name Bris started midsummer 1971 with the building of obviously the first Bris. The name of my previous boat was Duga a catchy name in Swedish also the first four letters of our national anthem. A good name if you knew Swedish. However as the Duga travelled to other countries’ people asked me to explain what it meant. After having explained countless times I decided next name should be easy to explain. Bris is a wind breeze same name in Spanish German and French. Unfortunately it is a very common name for all sorts of things in Swedish so eventually I started a new series. The boats were very successfully made many ocean passages.

Bris I 1971 -83
Cape Horn in a 19 fot boat 1976- 80
Cykel Bris 1985
Amfibie Bris 1985 – 89