Sam Holmes have been here end of July 2022.

He have been helping me to do an introductory video to my boats and sailing. It started 1962 in August when I for the first time left Sweden as Captain of my own boat a 15 feet open boat that I had converted.


If you’re interested in contributing links are below.
Swift 0706200550

For more videos see my youtube channel.

For some time there have been a new video every day.

Regards Yrvind.



The word diet comes from old French, from Latin diaeta, way of living, diet, from Greek diaita.

To keep in shape , to be able to climb through my hatches I have started dieting. I have created my own diet version, Yrvind constant weight diet. It is a powerful diet. Here it is in three simple steps.

Step one. Decide on a desirable weight.
Step two. When Friday comes stop eating until the desired weight is reached.
Step three. Repeat every Friday.

My last meal before the fast was Thursday 25 Nov, my first meal after the fast was Sun 5 Dec 2021

Below is a list of how my weight changed during the fast, weights to the left, difference from day before to the right.

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Friends been visiting 16 January 2021 bringing lead from Peter Ny and Epoxy from Nils Malmgren

Here are two videos Petter made one Captain Grahn made one. Captain Grahn and me sailed an old Abin Vega to Florida 2007 Captain was 19 at the start. We are still friends.

Video by Captain Grahn

Video by Petter Robert.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind


Today I completed the jig.

Paradoxically, its seams that the boat going to give me lots of space at the sme time it do not take up very much space in my workshop. The is plenty of space for me to do good work.

I am very happy with the lines so far.

Now I am going to clean the workshop and sweep up the sawdust before cutting up the 15 mm birch plywood into 6 cm stripes.

Below are two pictures. Click once or twice to enlarge.

And one without me.

I am going to try to get a phone that has a camera with a wide angle lens that better can show my new boat that is longer.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind


Year 2020 I cruised in my small, narrow, shallow draft boat named Exlex for 101 days on the deep, wide, northern North Atlantic Ocean. I started from Ålesund in Norway and sailed westwards, keeping the Faeroe Island on my port side. Before Iceland I turned south, keeping west of Scotland and Ireland, and the Bay of Biscay.
Finally I after 78 days I made my landfall at Horta, Fayal, one of the Azores islands.
There I was lucky to sail on their whaleboats several times.
I Then continued to Porto Santo, Madeira.
During the 101 days the weather was mostly grey and windy.
Despite that and accompanied by no one, I had been content with my solitude, it had given me plenty of time to reflect on life and I concluded that life is more interesting if it is lived outside the comfort zone.
The Portuguese have a saying, ”The bigger the boat, the bigger the storm”.
It is very true, the bigger the boat the bigger forces she attracts. A bottle floating out in the mighty ocean do not mind storms.
I was fit and had learnt a lot. I decided to try to build a better boat, a small boat capable of a Cape Horn doubling.

I now realize that a boats length is not necessary a good measure of size.
Length has for hundreds of years been restricted and taxed to the extent that it is now almost taboo.
That is bad because length is an excellent property and it is very cheap, nearly free, that is if you can restrict yourself from filling it with all the junk that people like to collect.
Our disease is ”horror vacui”, latin for ”mans fear of emptiness”, the cure is to keep it simple. Unfortunately this not exactly what the yachting business encourages.
Exlex from 2020 is 5.8 meter long, next boat is planned to be 7.68 meters or 1.88 meters longer.
The extra hull surface will be: 1.88 times the circumference. That is about 10 square meters. Each square meter have a weight of about 8 kilos. The weight added will thus be about 80 kilos.
However as she will be a double ender with soft chines I will make better use of materials next time I guess the final weight will be about the same. So even when she will be about 2 meter longer she will not be bigger.

This planned boat Exlex 2021 will be smaller, but longer than the 20 foot Bris I started to build in my mothers basement 1971. The new Exlex of year 2021 will be narrower and having less draft than Bris.
I will give her balanced lug sails on two short masts a dagger board.
As the two boats are double enders I can compare their sizes by multiplying their length, beam and height.
Bris 6 X 1.72 X 1.2 = 12.384
Exlex 7.68X1.28X1 = 9.83
According to the above the new Exlex of year 2021 will be about 20% smaller than Bris of 1971.
I base the new boats lines on a 5.4 meter long cruiser Matt Layden helped me to design in Florida the year 2003. Those lines are similar the Bris I started to build 1971.
I have used those lines before to build a boat 4.9 meter long with a 0.96 meter beam. It was a good try but the boat was to small to be suitable for longer voyages. She has been in Loftahammar for a number of years.
To create space in my workshop I will have to get rid of about ten thousand books that I have been collecting for decades. It hurts but technology moves on and I now can travel with tens of thousands books on my iPad.
I will also have to convert the drawings to the size and demands of the new aim.
After making a 1:10 model I will make a full scale sailing mock up in wood, strip planking her. Wood is pleasant nice easy and fast to work with but unfortunately it does not make boats as strong and durable as I like have them.
Exlex 2020 is waiting for me in Porto Santo. I will return to sail her in April, maybe trying out some new ideas.
This new project is ambitious and with my small budget it will most likely take a few years to complete.
Credit to Matt Leyden and Guy Lilljegren for important advise.
To be continued…
Regards Yrvind.

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This boat was built on the same lines that Matt helped me create 2003. She proved to be to small for longer voyages
Owe took this picture Yellow stick is the oar.
Sculling thrugh a bit of a calm behind the island Tjörnö Kalv
The lines stretched from 5.4 meters to 7.68
One of the original drawings. She will keep the beam but be longer have a different rig and lateral area.

Yrvind on his way

After some initial minor problems and very light winds with north going current,  Yrvind is now heading west in good winds. He writes he enjoy himself and are very happy to be out at sea again , however a bit cold.


Hi friends

Today I uploaded a video on internet. It is self explanatory but a little clarification might not be out of place.

The praparations are now mostly done. Corona has caused a lit of disruption. I like to start my sail from a place with little marine traffic and close to open spaces. One such place and a beutiful one at that is Ålesund in Norway. At N 62° 28′ it is a high latitude place. The idea is to sail west round the Faeroe Islands and then south down to Saragosso Sea and spend time there until I run out of food in maybee November. Then to find a place to reprovision. Santa Maria in the Azores seams to be a good place. Few plans survive the first contact with the enemy but we will see.

I have a about 20 year old car that have not been running for over two years due to my bad economy. Our gouvernment have imposed a driving ban on her but I will try to start her tomorrow and try to get her past an inspection. Then I trail my boat to Ålesund. Frinds will drive car and trailer back to Västervik and when weather permits I be on my way hopefully within one month.

There is food and water in Exlex for about 120 days. I had hoped for more. Therefore my plan is to build a boat with better range when my economy so allows. In my spare time I scketch her. At present she is 7.2 meters long with a beam of 1.2 meters. Draft is 40 cm. She is a bigger wessel than I like on the positive side she has plenty of stovage and even a bunk for a small lady. There is also a flat space on deck 1.8 meter by 0.8.

She have a small 30X20 cm canard trimrudder that can be adjusted from inside.

She have a new type of ballasted centerboard 2.4 meter long that descends 20 cm to increase her stability a bit for windward sailing and help to prevent leeway.

It is of course a complication but life favors complication evolution is increadible complex. I might get away with it. Anywhay it is fun to experiment.

Thuse equipeded she can sail in 50 cm shallow water.

The centerboard in retracted position. She is 240 cm long 20 cm deep and lives among the stovage below my bed.
The ballasted centerboard in the down position. The Tufnol triangle is the lever that helps me to control her. The lever is controled from a slot in the deck with the help of a tackle and is immensly powerful. As with other centerboards when she hits something she automatically retracts.
The planned next Exlex is a Canoe Cruiser 7.2 meter long 1.2 meter beam 40 cm draft. She is rigged as a cat ketch. 4 square meter on the main mast and 2.5 on the mizzen. Empty 800 kilos 1300 ready for an extended ocean cruise. I know boats always comes out more heavy than the designer intends. Still it is an rough estimate, no calculations.

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To those that already have donated. A great thanks it helps an old pensioner  a lot.

Regards Yrvind