Yrvind Ten 2012 –15

YRVIND TEN, 2012 – 2015, 2.84 meter, 9’ 4’’ Beam 1.9 meter

YRVIND TEN was ten feet long, 3 meter. I intended to circumnavigate the globe in her. The voyage was estimated to take 600 days. The route is 30000 nautical miles the average speed 2 knots. I was planned to have 400 kilos of musli and sardines and 100 kilo books.

I have made many stupid things in my life. One of the biggest was starting to build Yrvind Ten. The idea was to set a world record, to be the smallest boat to sail around the world non-stop.

Luckily, luck seems always to be with me, she woke me from my dogmatic slumber. She brought me back to the fundamental principles and enabled me to design Exlex.

You can read about her in the text under Exlex and under OLD POSTS to the right –  between December 2011 to April 2015.

Cutting up Yrvind Ten to pieces.

You can also red this to get an understanding why I cut her up!

Olle Landsell have done these illustrations for the Swedish yachting magazine “Segling”. I publish them with their permission. Click on the pictures once or twice to enlarge.

The cargo 400 kilo food 100 kilo books.
The sail arrangement and lateral areas CB and rudders.
The interior arrangemt


This film clip shows the first model of Yrvind Ten. The final boat was suposed to be be ten feet long and designed for a circumnavigation south of the southernmost five Caps.

Yrvind Ten as a 3D model

Here is a 3D model of Yrvind Ten 1500 kg. You can play with it, just twist and turn it with your mouse. A tip: turn on full screen mode and the experience will be even better. If you are using a Mac-computer, use Firefox web browser. Michael Tatschl made this 3D model. You can contact him at m_tatschl@hotmail.com if you are interested in his work.


The route.