I just received word from Yrvind that he entered the port of Horta around midday today. Entering the port was quite eventful, more on that later. He had some headwinds with varying force the last couple of days which has given him quite a few new ideas for the next boat.

All is well with Yrvind who will be quarantined for a few days and catch up on some sleep on the Portuguese island.



Captain Thomas Grahn

Favorable winds

The weather has treated Yrvind well and he is reporting that the winds are taking him out to sea at a comfortable pace. Everyday he is exercising his back in order to avoid back pain. As he is navigating the deep Atlantic ocean new boats are taking form on his drawing board and good books are still a treat. At the present he is reading Bernard Moitessiers first book on its original language, French.

He reports that everything is well on Exlex and he reports that he truly enjoys the deep blue sea!


Captain Thomas Grahn

First post from the sea

I strive to understand life. Reading books helps me. A small simple boat out there on the ocean is an excellent reading place. So far I have read the enclosed three books and gained a lot of understanding. I can highly  recommend them.

The design of the Canoe Yawl is also doing good progress. While at sea Capten Grahn and webmaster Beppe is helping me with my site. Exlex behave excellent and steer her self in all vind directiontions.

Books I have read:

Metabolical  Lustig

The Cancer code – Fung

Ketones the fourth fuel – Christofferson

Some help with internet

Yrvind is currently in Porto Santo preparing to embark on his voyage to the Sargasso sea. The internet is not very predictable on the harbour of the Portuguese island and will definitely not be better on the Sargasso sea. That is why Yrvind has asked me to assist him in updating yrvind.com. Below you will see his latest video with an update of the current situation



Captain Thomas Grahn

Yrvind shows up at Porto Santo

Yrvind and his boat Exlex always draw interests wherever they appear. Here is a short film from the moment he arrived to Porto Santo. It just happened to be someone there to make an interview with him and produce a nice little film.

Video made for the French magazine Voiles et Voiliers
English subtitles are availables in the video settings !
Directed by Juliette Mauban-Nivol (co-founder of New Flow to Sail)
Interview : Juliette Mauban-Nivol & Martin Droit
Rushs of the entrance in the harbor : Alain Mangon 


Yrvind at Porto Santo

At last an update! As everyone can see Yrvind is now at Porto Santo, Madeira. His sailing from Azores was a mixed experience. Light wind conditions one day and tuffer weather next day. The last days at sea he had a tremendous sailing with good speed running beam reach. He logged 5 to 6 knots. I was not prepared for that speed and missed his landfall and saw suddenly his tracker spot at Porto Santo, a day or two too late. The intense sailing had its price and Yrvind is now resting and hope he soon will find energy to be able to write about his last sailing experience on the website. Until then we had to make it with some photos taken by Laurent Gougeon, a french sailor, at Yrvinds arrival to Porto Santo harbour.