1. Being a double ender her shape is more suited to her average speed length ratio or Froude number than previous boat.

2. Her side by side Ljungström rig makes for much more easy reefing. It also betters her windward performance.

3. Her pivoting center board can be lowered and rise with ropes from the aft deck hatch. That makes control more easy.

4. Exlex 2020 had lee helm I hope to be able to get either lee or weather helm with better position of masts and lateral area.

5. Exlex 2018 and 2020 had problems with steering from the bed room. The solution now to let the rudder axis coming up through the hull.

6. Exlex the sailing canoe have air locks in her bow and stern compartment so that when I work from the deck hatches no water can enter the living area.

7. Exlex the sailing canoe have a 70 mm thick Divinycell core compared to 40 mm in previous boats. This gives better insulation. Her deck hatches do not have have cold spots like her predecessors.

8. Exlex the sailing canoe have 84 kilos of mowing lead ballast. This will greatly increase her stability.

9. The new route via Cape Horn to the Pacific Ocean is more difficult but the estimated passage time is 100 days instead of 180 days because the route is much shorter. This means that the boats displacement at the start of the passage will be much lighter and that I will not lose so much muscles.

10. The bed of the new boat is 10 cm wider. That is an increase, from 70 to 80 cm.

11. She have more volume for stowage and it is better arranged.

12. She will have better visibility from inside the living area, the dining room and bed. It will be 360°.

13. She will have a rudder indicator so that the rudders position can be known without leaving the bed.

14. Her steering will be changed from tiller to quadrant with Dynema lines leading to one steering wheel in the area and on other steering wheel in the bed room. The steering wheels can be locked in position. They will also be able to function as rudder indicators.

15. Betterment is also deck space that I can make walks on even if short ones.

16. The sail area is increased from 4 square meter to 7 square meters. Two sails of 3.5 square meter each, same area as two Optimists dinghy.

This list may not be complete and it is likely that I come up with more betterments.
Stay tuned and please support my project with donations.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.