Today started with me getting help from Tim Rohnen on the German Yacht MAMITI. He is a nurse and helped me to change the antibiotics on my blister. He did a very professional job and it felt secure to be in his hands.

In the afternoon Luis Camacho from Funchal Madeira showed me the western part of the island from his car. Yesterday he and his wife Susana had given me dinner and on the way to his house he had shown me the more wild eastern part of Porto Santo. I liked it much. I prefered it to the western part. Sadly the doktor has told me that I must rest my leg and should not walk othervise it would be a nice excursion for other days.

I have a problem pillow. I bought it at JYSK in my home town Västervik just before leaving. The prices at JYSK are cheap. My pillow was made in China. It did not cost much. Previusly I had bought a simular one to my bed in my flat. Unfortunatly feathers kept coming out of it.

The problem with the new pillow was that even more feathers was coming out of it and at a faster rate. According to the laws of nature the feathers came out with the sharp pointed end first. It irritating my soft head and disturbed my sleep and dreams.

Before going to sleep every night I therefore pull out as many feathers as I can see, maybee ten feathers every night. The pillow is obviusly getting thinner and thinner.

As an investigater in the mysteries of life I wonder if I will keep loosing feathers at the same linear rate.

Also as the pillow is getting thinner and thinner very slovly I wonder if I will have time to adapt to harder and harder headrest and when finally reaching Martinique I may not even need a pillow any more allowing me to lead a more simple life and a more uncomplicated life.

Regards Yrvind