Archeologists where surprised to find that the four corners of the great pyramids where level to within a few millimeters.

Later they found out that the ancients had digged a channel around the pyramids and filled it with water. What could be more precise?

When making waterproof hatches its important that level surfaces matches level surfaces otherwise the gasket cannot take up the play.

To achive a level surface blow the gasket I poured a few millimeter epoxy into the channel. See picture.

The other surface, that on the hatch. I ground it flat on a big flat surface. It was sandpaper on particleboard. Particleboard is very flat. I had found a roll of sandpaper on a flea market. The roll was five feet vide. It cost me 2 €. See picture.

Below the sandpaper on particleboard. The hatch being grinded.

I will have a gallow to lean against and hold into. It will also serve as the aft end of the awning/water catchment system.

Pictures below.

from the back.

The watercatchment on the model.

To bee continued…

Regards Yrvind.