55 days at sea and I still like it

Hi everyone

It is now i think 55 days since I left Ålesund Norway. It has been a grey damp cold sail. I think only 3 – 4 days a week at the most have been sunny. Again this morning drizzle. But now sunshine and warm nearly to warm with 28˚ Celsius. My sleeping room the main cabin is fine. But I have in strong winds a small leek of saltwater in the forepeak and back. It comes from behind the food stowage. I cannot see its source. The only possibility is the pumps. I hate saltwater inside a boat. I asked my hardware supplier for a seacock to put between the pump and the hull. ” That is not necessary he said. It is back-valves in the pump”. And so it is. However, in strong winds when waves with tremendous force bang against the hull, maybe they let in a bit of saltwater. It must come from somewhere. The problem is all the food that prevents inspektion. Thats the saltwater. There is also lots of condensation. I know where thats comes from. It comes from the hatch coamings. They are not insulated, creating a cold spot. I knew that, but I did not think I would have so much cold that so much water would be produced. The problem is now solved. For the next boat I will put the gasket not in the hatch but in the deck outside. That enables to build the hatch coamings with divinycell that insulates. The aft gets some ventilation. The forepeak is the big problem as I only open that hatch briefly to adjust the centreboard. Its all wet and mildew.

Progress have been very good. I am now past the latitude of Cape Finesterre at 42˚ 53`. The bay of Biscay is now behind me. The weather should be better. The good thing is there is still plenty of food and water. It’s sardines and kind of very simple müsli. Just oat flakes, almond powder a few raisins and powder milk. When I pour water on it it becomes kind of soap. Very liquid. Strange thing is. I was eating it for two weeks before I sailed 2018, and then 40 days at sea. Now 2020 I got tired of it after 3-4 weeks. I found it kind of disgusting. Each day it got worse. Then somehow I started to like it again. I guess there was no choice. Now its fine. Still I do look forward to fruits, cheese bread and at special occasions a nice ice-cream.

It’s fine out here on the big endless eternal ocean. I am happy. The moral is high. I work on the next design. I solve a lot of problems. Health is excellent. Although I worry about my leg muscles that have not seen any use for nearly 2 months. I take my time. There is still plenty of food and water. I am slowly heading for Horta Fayal Azorena. I do worry about getting into harbor as Exlex do not go to windward with so much food loaded. I do have my oar but having been idle for so long time, I am not in a good shape. However, Horta is an easy harbor and I have been there before, although its nearly 50 years ago.

Also very important. Thanks to you all for the many fine donations. I very much appreciate it. It makes this splendid voyage possible and the development of small sustainable boats.

Regards Yrvind