82 birthday and update video.

Hi on the 22 of april 2021 I will if everything works out and the good Gods are willing, become 82 years of age. Very good.  A big day for me. Cake will be eaten and even icecream in celebration. Please donate to my cake eating project and to my boatbuilding. Write if your donation is for the cake or for the boat in order that I will know where to put the money.

Update  2021 April 22    My friends at work gave me a cake. Picture below.

The text translates to something like “At last Yrvind 82”. I are a big chunk.

My boat project evolves nicely. Much more space than I had imaged. I only need 200 liter for water and 200 liter for 100 kilo food, musli and sardines, and some other stuff. The storage will be plenty more as can be seen in the video link below.

I had not realy planned this but now there is plenty of food to reach New Zealand in 200 days and 2.8 knot average speed from Madeira. The Canoe Yawl, new Exlex, will be 2 meter longer than the 2020 Exlex 7.8 to 5.8 meter, she will have twice as much sail area 8.2 square meter to 4 square meter. She will have the superior side by side biplane rig of the 2018 Exlex. I hope she will be lighter 1000 kilo with food and water compared 1090 for Exlex 2020 reason being she have no 138 kilo bronze plate and her bottom konstruction is much lighter. The near vertical chinerunners will take care of grounding forces. Stability she will get from water and batteries. The water I drink will be replaced by saltwater of wich there is a good supply. About twice a month the water in the jerrycans will be transfered to the 18 one liter bottles.

She will have pivoting centerboard instead of daggerboard, more easy to handle. She will have superior inner doors and many more improvements. Things are looking bright.

I now have two shots of vaccination. 18 March and 16 April. In a few weeks more time I have less risk of Corona. Then I try to fly to Porto Santo Madeira to do a summer sailing in the Atlantic going nowhere particular just floting around enjoing the deep blue endless eternal sea. When food and water is getting low I will head for Horta Azores with the plan to ship the boat to Sweden.

September 2021 I plan to continue the prototype, hopefully having it fit for sailing summer 2022. September.  2022 I intend to start the real composite boat. Work carefully taking my time sailing the prototype in the summers incorporating knowledge gained in the real product.

Below is a link to a video.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.