What you desire is a question of taste. Production boats are not to our taste. We like a boat that is small cheap and functional, have shallow draft, can be propelled by wind, wave and muscle power, a boat that can ride out any storm at sea and at the same time protect you from the weather, a boat that is directional stable upwind and downwind so that it do not need your attention.

This long and narrow boat meets these demands. Pierre’s boat is 5,6 meter long with a displacement of 778 kilos, my is stretched to 5,8 meter and have a displacement of 806 kilos. They have the same square midsection and a prismatic of 0,723. The draft is tolerable 19 cm or 7,5 inches.

The boats have balancing lugsails. There are two pivoting side-by-side mast and leeboards. The mast and leeboards pivot on the same axis. Because the section is square the leeboards will lay flat against the hull. Because the boats are small, they will attract small forces. The same mast and leeboard arrangement will not work on a bigger boat ( Galileo’s square-cube-law ).
This is the beginning of a project and as yacht design is an iterating process many changes will be made. Only the imbecilely never changes their mind.

One reason I like you to know this is that so that you will not think that my Yrvind Ten is a good cruising boat. She is twice as heavy has twice the draft and half the speed. Yrvind Ten is made to set a world record. She will be good at that and give me a unforgettable time at sea far from land.

Below are some pictures.

Pierre and me putting the modell together.

Abouve: Viuw  from below.

Above: Pierre inside the boat. The inside measurment is 1 meter. All that space comes from the square section.

Regards Yrvind.