After we had found a good way to do the book, Pierre, Maelle his girlfriend and me drove back to Sweden. Here I gave Pierre more material for the book. Pierre liked my boating concept so we decided to do a design that he could build; a design that also would suit my future needs.

Restricting a boat to ten feet is only good for records. I believe a boat should be long narrow and have shallow draft so my next one will be 7.2 meter long 1.1 meter beam with a draft less than 0.2 meter, displacement one ton, displacement lenght ratio 80 compared to yrvind tens 2500 . Pierre’s will have the same midsection but will be 5.6 meter long and have proportionally smaller displacement .

More about this is to follow – of course I will continue to work on Yrvind ten – just made some important improvement on the rigging.

More will follow.

Above me and Pierre at the mock-up of the midsection.

Above: Me and Pierre looking at the coordinates from a rhinofile of the hull a friend has done.

Above: Me and Pierre busy plotting out the coordinates for hulls; scale one to ten of the new boats.

Regards Yrvind.