Ex Lex is an experimental boat. On her I will test ideas for my next boat. Therefore I pay more attention to details than I would otherwise do. Here is an example.

There is 11 compartments below my bed for stovage.

I will screw down the hatches covering them to be shure that things do not start flying around in strong winds. The hatches will be made of 12 mm birch plywood. On top will be an 3 cm thick mattras for me to rest on. I need an washer to distribute the force of the screw so that it does not eat into the plywood after repeated use. Also I do not want to many loose parts.

After trying a cupper pipe rivet I decided that it was not satisfying.

Tjust Mekaniska turned out the ones I wanted in bronze on their lathe.

The drawing

The products on the drawing

Testing on washer on a scrap piece of plywood. There are small ridges on the washers, also they be set in epoxy after first washing them in aceton. That way they stay in place.

This gives a satisfying feeling.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.