Someone wrote about me: If he couldnt build what he wanted at age 72 he got problems.

I look at it differently. If at age 72 you have run out of creativity you got problems.

When a painter has done his last picture, when a writer has written his last novell, they are waisting away just waiting for death to relive them from the burden of living.

Society do not look at an amateur sailor as a creative person therefore if he do have, what he himself thinks as an other bright idea and want to realise it they, society, think his previus boat is an failure. I do not agre.

Another person wrote about me: He must have a lot of patience to cross the ocean at the speed of 2.5 knots.

I look at it differently. If when making an ocean passage you are in a hurry to get back to civilisation you enjoy society more than the life on the ocean wave.

To me spending time at sea in my little seaworthy boat gives me deep pleasure.

Today life in ashore is overstimulating all senses. The noise, spices and information are to strong. As a cosequence our brain reduces the number of its receptors.

Symbolically wine takes away the taste of water.

Spending time away from all these artificial stimulants makes the body produce more receptors.

You become after a time more sensitive to the beauty of your surrondings and live a happy life.

Are annimals bored becouse they do not have TV? I do not think so.

Regards Yrvind.