A few words about why I chose the balanced lug sail.

Rigs junk, Ljungström balansed lug.
Wave Rover suggested the junk rig.

I have considered the junk rig.
In my case what speaks against it is that I am not familiar with it.

Also the junk sail is tied to the mast, I prefer the balanced lug that is only attached to the mast by the halyard. That makes it is easy to lower the yard, boom and sail and put the bundle on deck. In strong winds that reduces the wind resistance.
Also the junk sail is sheeted from a point aft the sail. That makes it difficult to find a point for the sheet on deck.
The balanced lug do not have that problem. It can be sheeted from a point below the boom.
Then there is the battens. I worry that they may break. True I can have many spare ones, still it is a disadvantage that have to be considered.

The Ljungström rig is good on the wind, but triangular sails have the worst planform. With vertical battens it can be solved but it complicates it.
Downwind it is complicated to put out a whisker poole and its boom vang.

The small balanced lug can be easily reefed. Ordinary it will only take one or two minutes therefore there is no reason for me to change to junk rig because ease of reefing. The area of each of my sails is only 2.7 square meter and I do not think I will reef often as it is very easy just to drop one or two of the three sails.