I have spent a few days improving on the tensioner that put pressure on the hatch against the rubber gasket that it may become waterproof.

Its a job well worth doing. Heavy weather may come at any time. If you are snug in your bed and suddenly is waked up of a roaring wind its nice to have smoth funktioning gear that you can with confidence make the door to your bedroom waterproof before opening the deck hatch to the breaking seas.

My new tensioner is a variant of the Highfield lever, but more simple. The price for a Highfield ranges from 300 to 700 €. I need about ten for my varius hatches. By making them myself I can get them bespoke.

Below are some pictures.

An over the center latch.

Below my tensioner, before being tensioned. The light wood represents the hatch.

The lever tensioned.

An other vieuw.

An other vieuw.

Close up of the bearing side.

Close up of the tension side. The stretchted Dynema rope is below the bearing (the pin) that makes the latch self locking, quick and easy and the power increases exponetionelly. Wery powerfull.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.