I am trying to get order in the boat in such a way that things do not interfere with each other. It can be taxing.

Here is how some things are stored.

The waterproof camera Olympus though


The clock that informs me how fast time is passing and how short life is and how I should take care of every minute
The magnifying glass that helps my eyes to see the small details in the pilotcharts and to get splinters out of my fingers
The erasing shield and the triangle that will help me to draw the next boat
The one hand compass that helps me to measure distances and plot positions on the pilot charts. I do use ipad for navigation but hav not found pilot charts for it
Knifes and spoons and toothbrushes well secured with tufnol that is locked with phosphor bronze springs.
Port side of the sleeping room with compas erasing shield the lines to the rudder and the jammers and the volt meter.
Starbord side with magnifying glass handles thermometer, barometer clock.
dinging room starboard side with knifes and spoons and on topp the wedges for the half moon shaped door that rotates on a horizontal axis
Dining room port side with pump camera frontal lamp and bowl or scope with a round handle so that I can suspend it gimbaled.
The bowl or scoop that is going to be used for musli. Its now in the gimbaled position.
The holder for the scoop now glued and screwed under the seat. Tughnol carbon fiber on a piece of plywood

I also made a small hook to pick up things and mesure the boats speed through the water at the top and bottom of waves. This is for my theory of wave dynamics.

The eagle eyed observer, no doubt have noticed that Exlex is unpainted inside. The reason I soon be in NZ and start to build a new boat, therefore I focus on utility and function. I am eager to get sailing.

A small hook, handy for many a thing.

A video. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind