Do it again, do it right.

I was not satisfied with the shape of the bow therefore I made an other one with a more rounded bow.

Modern yachts in contrast have very sharp wave piercing bows. Good for windward work but not so good for downwind. For several hundred years the hull shape was “cods head, mackeril tail”. Those ships sailed similar routes that cruising people chose. I belive in “cods head, mackeril tail” when running with a gale behind you. My belive is that that kind of bow reduces the risk of broaching.

Broaching is not a big deal for a small boat but its a nice feeling to sail a boat that behaves well in wild weather.

Below are some pictures.

First out me and the two models

On the secound modell I have started to build up the starboard sidedeck.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind