I had been away a week traveling all over Sweden giving lectures and talking to sponsors.  Things were going well. The last assignment was showing my previous boat to people at the opening of Pampas marina here in Västervik. At 4 pm I drove my boat back to Marström. Having a few hoers left of the day I went to my shop not to waste them.

Laminating the outside of the boat had been a success. We had done a good job on her and before that I had succeeded in shaping her well. I was proud of my small boat. She was so pure and clean, a real virgin.

I opened the workshop door. Before I could switch on the light I heard a sound that made my hair stand up, the sound of water, the sound of water in my workshop.

Water from pipes above where coming down in my boat. Not clean water, but dirty, rusty brown water. The boat had accumulated nearly a feet of the fool smelling evil stuff. I broke down and cried.

Had the inside been laminated it would not have been so difficult to clean it out. But now the Divinycell pores where filled with it. The water can be dried out but the rust and dirt never.

What will happen now? I don’t know. This happened a few hoers ago. Time will tell but one thing is sure. It is a set back and I will not sleep tonight.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.