The forepeak arrangement has after mockup been modified slightly. The water containers are now arranged longitudinal instead of athwartships. It was a bit cramped before. This gives me more space to move around. Now it is comfortable. The price is now there is 4 instead of 5 plastic cans. I can live whith that.

The original idea was that this boat Ex Lex 3/4 version of the 5,4 meter Boat Ideal was to be a test boat. However as I grow into her I realize that she probably have enough space and displacement for my things and me. If I use 2100 calories a day and bring food with an average calories density of 300 calories per hundred grams 168 kilos will give me 8 months of food.

Back to the forepeak. The anchors have obviously to be lashed down. The question was how strong would a fastening be. For a test I screwed a screw into H80 Divinycell through 450 gram glassfibre.  Into the drilled hole I put some glassfibre flock and injected NM-epoxy.

I found it was good for 6 14 kilos lead weights. Surely strong enough for my two anchors 6 and 15 kilos especially as Ex Lex is made of Divinycell H100 which is much stronger. There will also be more layers of laminate. I am going to use several screws as well. I hope to be able to do a more serious test later.

Below same pictures.

The anchors and the water containers.

The strained screw.

The load. Six 14 kilos weights. 84 kilos.

More water next to the bed. This gives me 8 cans each can be filled with 5.5 liter.

I will also have six one liter bottles, the ones in the bed. Total 51 liters. I use less than one liter a day. A good rain catch system will replentish my supply.

Next to the water there will be place for two Sonnenschein gelbatteries each 40 Ah.

More stowage below the aft deck.

The stowage to the right at the top of the picture is my lunch box.

All these compartments will have there individual waterproof hatches.

This arrangement divides the boat up into a good number of compartments making her strong and safe.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.