Soon after I arrived here a bug bit me a dark night, a mousquito or a flee or something. I do not know.  A few days later a blister developed on the spot. The blister grow and grow instead of getting smaller and smaller as I had hoped.

As my late mother used to say; always respect pour freinds and small wounds. Therefore this morning I took a walk to the hospital.

Outside the hospital I hesitated. Was the blister really big enough to bother the doctors. Also would I catch a new set of desises and finally I realised that the hospital wisit would cost me so much money that my icecreamconsumption would have to be severly reduced.

I am glad that I finally went in. Everyone treated me very kindly. Not only that, the microbes had multiplied and spread now they also had spread beyond the blister and invaded the whole leg below the knee.

The big blister was punktured. The pus was squesed out. Antibiotica was applied and I was told not to shower.

In this heat several showers a day has helped me to survive the heat.

After arguing a bit with the doctor he allowed me to continue with my showers if I put plastic around my leg.

After thinking a bit I bought household wrapping plastic and when back on the marina wrapped it around my leg to prevent the water to reach the punctured blister. The showering was succesful.

I have to be back at the hospital on saturday. I feel that the trouble and the money is well worth it.

It is not a good idea to start a long ocean voyage with microbes in the body.

Regards Yrvind.