After a long period of cold and damp weather it is now pleasant and warm


Today 27 of August it is two months since I left Ålesund Norway. Most of the time the weather have not been pleasant. Lots of strong wind, very cold grey and damp. However since a week or so (have lost track of time), after having come south of bay of Biscay and south of Cape Finisterre, the weather now is exceptionellt excellent. Cannot be better. But hardly any wind so progress is very slow. I am still heading for Horta Fayal Azorena. I do not have any idea when I will be there. In fact north of Faeroes island a rescue helikopter came out to investigate after I had been becalmed there for a few days. Most sailors turn on the engine in small winds. 

It is very warm in the days. To take a swim in the flat calm warm water is very tempting. But last summer I did and due to lack of boarding ladder I was not able to get back on board. I am getting older. Now I have a stirrup in a rope. I have not tested it and do not like to try it out here. I would feel silly if I was not able to get back on board. There is no sign of more wind but I still have plenty of food and water.

Thanks everyone that have donated, helping me to develop small sustainable cruisers
Regards Yrvind