I am now trying to figure out the best stovage. There is plenty of space in the boat. This means that I have to be extra careful not to fill it up othervise the boat will be to heavy.

I have come up with a system cheap light and functional for locking the hatches. The first idea was with a rope in tension but it was not enough friction in the system despite the capstan equation. I took a walk and used the rope in compression instead. That works fine. I use rope hinges.

Below some pictures of the progress.

The first modell of the hatch lid. It did not work to my satisfaction not enough friction in the rope. Next try in the video. I took a walk and figured out to use the rope in compression using the jamming effect.
Me sitting with my head above the deck. There be a deckhouse wtih a 360 vieuw from the bed and from the saloon.
An unexpected bonus was that I got a neckrest. It was amasingly comfortable. I was also sucessfull with the angle of the backrest and seat.
The first row of jerrycans below the bed, 9 of them 5 liters each. There will be one more row. Also I will have 16 one litre bottles. Plenty for a man that uses one litre water a day.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind