Ex Lex three sails are now ready.

They are all square balanced lug sails. The sides of the light wind sail is 2 meter its area is 4 square meter. The sides of the two strong wind sails are 1.5 meter, their areas are 2.25 square meter each. Each sail has its own mast. When a mast is not in use it rest flat on the deck, preferable on the windward side.

As before it is Hamel Sails who made the sails. When you find good craftsmen, dont let them slip.

Below are some pictures.

With three people working on the sails it did not take to long to get them ready. Its better to wisit a sailmaker in January than june.

Yrvind and the crew.

Trying out the lenght of the booms.

The sails are lashed/knotted to a cranse iron on a boom. The booms and the yards are identical. There are two cranse iron to each boom. there are two booms to each sail. There are three sails. Each cranse iron have 4 half rings. To produce the hardware 4.5 meter 8mm stainless steel rod was used and 64 welds.

Below Samy Qubti bending the rod for the half rings to the cranse irons.

Below one of the small sails with one reef.

Below one of the small sails with 2 reefs.

A third of 2.25 square meter is not much (0.75) but when the wind is blowing mighty strong its nice to be snugged down.

“As a bonus, here a repeat of the video Beppe made 2011”

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind