I did not consider my self competent to do high quality lead castings with no porosity or hollows. After much searching I found Bo in the village of Blomstermåla (its name means “the painted flower”) Here Bo is outside his foundry.

After having put the model in sand the inlet and a substantial raiser is added.

More sand is poured

The sand is compacted.

The lead is poured.

Here is my weight with inlet and raiser which are sawn off with a bandsaw.

The pieces with its stainless steel handle weigh 14 kilos or a bit more than 30 pounds each. In the boat there is place for six making 84 kilos, the weight of a big man. I always make a few extra. I have six spare ones to select the best and in case I make a mistake. Below is some of them.

Below the final product swept in kevlar for wear and with its handle.

Thank Bo and the personal at Blomstermåla foundry for a well done job.