The original idea was to sail Exlex to New Zealand nonstop from Ireland. Due to Corona I could not trail her to Ireland. I that time a person asked me what I was going to do in NZ. Trying to answer the question I realized that it was not the destination but the voyage that I was seeking. Besides that I began to realize that the project was to ambitious.
I said to myself I might as well just sail around in the pleasant Sargasso Sea.
I had sail there before and liked it. The problem with that idea was that after summer the sun would go south and the weather would deteriorate. Finally I ended up in Porto Santo.
I had failed but that did not make me sad because had sailed the Atlantic for 101 days and that was better than watching TV. Also during at I had got some pretty good ideas for a new boat.
I left Porto Santo with the ferry for Madeira Monday the 23 of November. I had an airplane ticket for Stockholm Thursday 26. It can happen that bad weather prevents the ferry. To get a margin of safety I took an early ferry. A good thing because the ferry on Wednesday was cancelled.
The airplane from Madeira got a late start that made me nervous but there was no problem in Lisbon to catch the plane to Stockholm.
My seat was occupied by a guy from California. I asked to move and conversed with him a bit. He told me he was some kind of alternative doctor. He also told me that there had been much fraud in the election and that luckily Trump would sort it out and remain in the White House. At that time I noticed that his mask did not cover his nose. I told him to respect the other passengers and to put it on properly as I did not want Corona. He said that that prevented him from breathing. I got angry and raised my voice. Surprisingly it helped despite me being 50 or so years older than him. He left for an other seat and I never saw again. A believer in Trump and alternative medicine he probably thought that it injecting bleach would help against Corona.
The plane was in good time for Stockholm. Peter had told me that he would be there to meet me in his new black car. Surprisingly the car was white. It had broken down and he had gotten a new one just in time. He bought food for me in Nyköping then delivered me to my flat.

There is plenty to do here to get me started. One thing at the time. I have gained 5 kilos mostly ice-cream in Madeira. Now I am back to eating once a day. I have started with exercises and today I was out running a bit for the first time in five months.

To be continued…
Regards Yrvind.

Pictures below


My Portugise friends that helped me so much
My French friends that entertained me in their mother tounge at the Porto Santo marina cafe I ate ice-cream
Exlex well secured
The Porto Santo pleasant marina from the deck of the ferry
Me Yrvind arriving at the Stockholm airport Peter drove me to Västervik Peter Gevsjö also tock this photo