Hi Friends.

Today with the help of Peter we cut 2 sheets of 15 mm birch plywood into 5 cm strips. 6 cm was the original idea. I cut one 6 cm strip with the jigsaw to test the bending. It worked and I cold have bent it more with some force but take it easy. Therefore 5 cm was decided. It was easier to twist and less angle to twist.

Not a good idea to glue the planking to the molds. Previusly I put tape on the frames to isolate from the glue. Today I split PVC hose. That will also be kinder to the real composite boat so I thougt I might as well test it now on the mock up.

Below one picture.

The photo shows one 5 cm strip of 15 mm birch plywood temporarily attached with clamps. Also a split PVC-hose on the stern to insulate from glue. On top of the molds the 2 sheets of plywood cut into 5 cm strips

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind