Now I am getting to the forward part av the boat leaving the square aft section behind and going to start the compound curvature. I have decided to do that by connecting the sides and the bottom with bevels of incresing length.

Leaving the sides as guides I shape the bottom part by taking the average of the bottom of the male mould.

Below are some pictures.

Having measured the half breths I take the average of them to get a symmetrical boat. the reason for the half breaths having different lengths is that I have done the shaping by eye.
The numbers plotted on the Divinycell.
The first of many bevels each 10 centimeters in length. As I progress forward the will span a longer and longer gap.
The gap to be filled with bevels seen from the bow. The gap between hullsides and bottom gets longer and longer helping to create the desired spoon shape of the bow. Such is the theory.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.