Bolted-on buoyant and faired extensions. 2003 New Zealand used a ”hula” a hull buoyant appendix on their Am Cup boat. It was protested against, but found legal. It was not bolted on but just attached in the very middle of the boat leaving a 5 mm gap to the real hull.

They where of course rule cheating but that’s legal, so would my Bolted-on buoyant and faired extensions be. I think it is the duty of a competitor to try to find loopholes.

Big company’s find loopholes and pay no tax.

When I started with the Around in Ten I had not studied the legal aspects of the race. Rudders are buoyant extensions not measured, so are hulas but all this is no fun. It leads to unhealthy boats. Yrvind Ten would in reality be legally about four meters long with the extension and I do not think I would be proud of cheating, therefore I decided to build a smaller boat.

Regards Yrvind