Peter have helped me filming a video showing the rudder and bow centerboard.

The idea was to have a centerboard in the rudder as well and the control lines coming up thrugh the rudder axis. To make it simpler I have increased the depth of the near vertical ballasted chinerunners to 20 cm under the hull. The hull will draw 23 cm at one ton. So total draft will be 43 cm just guessing. That leaves the rudder 3 cm abouve the ground.

Its a spade rudder with a 60+ mm diameter stainless pipe as axis. That axis and its bearings should be more strong than a normal skeg.

The bow centerboard also comes along well. I have found an arrangement for the control lines.

I would have liked to have a deeper rudder. But its a balance between dept and simplicity. Hopefully it will work. If not I change it.

Below two pictures.

The bow centerboard at maximum draft
The rudder. I would like to have more draft to it but if it works it be fine. The way to find out is to try. I must find a balance between draft and simplicity.

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To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.