For some time I have been ockupied buildning waterproof hatches for the aft cabin.

Belov are some pictures of my efforts. Click on the pictures once or twice to enlarge.

First: The five frames in position.

The edges of Tufnol, that goes into the gasket are glued into place.

The nuts are set in MN-epoxy and glassfibre choppings. The frames are now uppside down. One nut is laying on top to show the size. The thread is M8. The material is aluminum bronze 22 mm across to give good surface.

A close up.

Here is Rikard and his beutifull Weiler lathe that is bigger than mine Blomquist helping me making the nuts.

Centering the hatch on the frame with the help of spacers before marking the holes for the bolts.

A pointed screw is inserted to mark the hole in the hatch. The clamp gives a more precise mark than a hammerblow.

Two M8 bolts gives pressure.

The hatches. The gakets made of EPDM-rubber is set between plywood strips. This eliminates difficult gluing and makes it possible to change gaskets at sea. The gasket dimensions are 20×15 mm

Testing the essembled hatch/frame upside down shows its waterproof. The first one was good. A little piece of wood is floating on the water, trying to indicate the water level.

So was the rest. Clear water is difficult to sea, but trust me.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.