I have received a box with spear guns from Dan Berg. As Ex Lex is so small I can only store food for about 8 months. I intend to use them if I run out of food.

The Swedish bureaucrats have given me many problems about it.

Unlike the other Nordic country’s Norway, Denmark and Finland spear guns are forbidden here. I wonder why.

I have asked the related authority’s to get a permission to carry a spear gun as a survival tool.

“No way”, they say.

Finally I found a police recommendation from 1986 that said that small spear guns 50 cm, were OK. I like small things and I am aiming for small fish.

Below is the forepeak arrangement.

One Spade anchor 15 kilo for extreme storm use one 6 kilo for normal use.

6 plastic cans for water. Each holds 5,5 liters. There are 4 more elsewhere. I will also have 7 one liter bottles for dayly use. Over the years I found that I use rather less than one liter a day. Therefore whith no problems I can go two months between rains.

The main bulkheads are now attached. A taped fillet on each side and epoxy injected between should make a strong and precise connection.

I use a syringe connected to a cupperpipe to inject into a grove.

The Growe .

The bulkheads are made from 3 cm thick H 80 divinycell.

With the help of a piece of plywood the table saw cuts the grouwe at an angle making the grouve wider.

To be continued…

Regards Yrvind.

When I happily told my friend Björn, who knows about laws about he said:

“That was 1986, what about today” He checked and it was OK.

I intend to have one in the forward hatch and one in the aft hatch and one spare gun with some spare parts.